First, we all know how cool Colorado is. It's one reason why we live here. Because it's cool.

But as cool as we all are, we don't live in cool sounding town or city names, unless, of course, you do.

Denver? Neat place, not a cool name.

Grand Junction? Again, great place, low on the coolness index, name wise.

So listed here, for your enjoyment, are five actual towns in Colorado with the coolest names ever.

The location of the world's largest molybdenum mine, it has had its ups and downs population wise. But it sure is a cool name.

It's not often you run across a town name as clean as this one is. The name of the town came from a time when they worked with tuberculosis patients. Hygiene is located in Boulder County.

All those "Eat at Joes" signs? Yeah. They love that here. Located in Yuma County, this town was named for the fact that an overwhelming number of settlers in the town were named Joe. Seriously.

I think maybe the same guy who named the streets in Grand Junction was responsible for this one. Across the state, there is also a rest area named Emanon, which is no name backward. You can't make this stuff up!

I would have thought, given its name, this would be a much more densely populated place. So-named because it was the "last chance" to secure fuel and provisions before continuing the journey. It's big claim to fame was getting a shout out on Hee Haw.

There are more I am sure. See what ones YOU can uncover and share them with the rest of us!

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