This year has been an interesting year, news wise in the state of Colorado. From the total eclipse to the Wal-Mart shooting and everything in between, we have seen and learned a lot this year. So here are the top 5 news stories for 2017 in Colorado.

While Grand Junction didn't get as dark as many other places, the eclipse was still felt as the skies darkened and the air became cooler. But it sure was neat.

In early November, a man walked into a WalMart in Thornton and opened fire. Hundreds ran for their lives but not everyone made it out. Three people lost their lives and the perpetrator was able to get away, but not for long, as police waited at his home and were able to capture him.

The Hanging Lake trail was actually closed while the clean up commenced, removing trash, animal waste and graffiti. Despite signs that specifically state no dogs, people took their dogs up the trail anyway and didn't even bother to clean up after them.

Denver was hit with a serious hail storm in June of 2017. The storm caused $1.4 Billion in damage and the Colorado Mills mall was damaged so badly it didn't reopen until just before Thanksgiving.

This story really struck a nerve with the people who watched the painful video of the cheerleader being forced to do splits. Several teachers and administrators were fired or resigned in the wake of this.

Of course locally, nothing struck a nerve quite like the news that Grand Junction's leadership had decided to change the name of North Avenue to University Blvd. It ultimately was decided to forego the name change and leave it North Avenue, but locally, many people were up in arms over the idea.

What stories affected you in 2017? Let us know!

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