Sweet. Just another spot to check out some live music and a beautiful one at that with an incredible setting in the background.

While we already have one of the most iconic concert venues in the world in Red Rocks, Colorado is about to be home to another stunning and brand new venue.

This one won't be quite as big and hold as many people as Fiddler's Green out in Greenwood Village which holds about 18,000 or Red Rocks where capacity is right around 9,500 but this looks to be one of those destinations venues to experience a concert.

There's a new 8,000 seat outdoor amphitheater in the works in Colorado Springs. The venue, which will be called "The Sunset" was founded and created by Notes Live and is currently still in the planning stage but set for the initial dirt moving in the next month or so.

This is pretty exciting news as we will have one more outdoor concert venue to enjoy some live music on our beautiful Colorado evenings but here's the thing, even if it's not a beautiful evening, there's an opportunity to get out of the elements.

The Sunset is going to have 4 restaurants on-site at the venue, and not just places that serve hot dogs and nachos, these are actually going to be fancy 5-star establishments to go with 60 beautiful suites that will have fireplaces.

Even if you don't have the "fancy seats" and are hanging out on the hill on the lawn, just imagine watching the sunset behind Pikes Peak which will be visible behind the stage while enjoying a show.

I mean, this place looks absolutely incredible from top to bottom as I'm sure it will be drawing some really great artists-- I mean, I know I'll be happy to take that couple-hour drive down to the Springs to enjoy this incredible venue.

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