Saturday (April 12) evening at Montana's Smokehouse in Avon, Colo. an automated pot-selling machine was unveiled that promises a new era in selling marijuana to customers.

The first pot vending machine will reside at Herbal Elements in Eagle-Vail, Colo. after the company has decided it's met all requirements.

The Zazzz, as the machine is called, is a vending machine that will dispense marijuana products to customers at already established medical marijuana dispensaries. The machine uses biometrics to verify the customers age and is climate-controlled to keep the products nice and fresh.

Before you get all huffy-puffy, these machines will only dispense production to medicinal customer and will only be placed in a medical marijuana dispensary. You won't see these popping up in grocery stores or street corners anytime soon.

The system uses the same technology that checks age/ID fraud under the Control Meth Act and biometrics to make sure the customer is of age, and will soon have the capability of scanning the patients medical marijuana card.

Dispensary owners hope that the vending machine will cut back on employee theft.

Greg Honan, owner of Herbal Elements in Eagle-Vail, Colo told Fox 31 in Denver,

We're going to eliminate the middle man ... the products will go straight to our budtender, right into the machine. There's no room for theft by patients, by employees — there's no way to lose track of the inventory."

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