The Grand Junction Fire Department saw a busy start to the week after a call around 9 AM Monday sent them out to battle a brush fire near Rosevale Road and Gunnison Dam Road.

It's not the easiest area to get to, but after a little walking, we managed to be able to take a few photos of the brush fire. Some of the land involved in the brush fire is thought to be the land that was owned at one time by actor Ricky Schroder.

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Grand Junction Brush Fire Near Rosevale Road and Gunnison Dam Road

TSM W. Jordan
TSM W. Jordan

According to the Grand Junction Fire Department, Monday's fire was simply an agricultural burn that was fanned by high winds and suddenly began to burn out of control. A report in the Grand Junction Sentinal says it was the unnamed owner of the property who called the fire department.

Mesa County Sheriffs Wildland Fire Team Contained the Brush Fire

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A perimeter was set up surrounding the fire and it is expected to blow itself out thanks to the work done by the Mesa County Sheriff's Wildfire Team. A spokesperson for the fire department reminded the public afterward that residents should always check the weather before deciding to burn in areas where it is ok to do so.

Was the Grand Junction Brush Fire Near Ricky Schroders Former Property?

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The Grand Junction Sentinal's report points out that "addresses listed on the Mesa County Assessors website list two parcels in that area under Richard Schroder and another under Schroder Development LP."  Apparently, these places are listed as the same address.

When is Grand Junction, Colorado's Burn Season?

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Burn Season for Grand Junction in Mesa County happens from March 1st to April 30th, then again in the fall. This week's fire serves as a reminder to all residents that come march 1st, they should pay attention to the weather and the wind before deciding to start a burn of any kind.

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