You may know someone with a big mouth, but I can tell you no matter how large it is,  it's not gonna be big enough for this monster utensil.

Not only would someone need a big mouth to use this fork, but they'd also need to be a bodybuilder because it weighs a whopping 600 pounds.

You'll find the nation's largest fork in the tiny Colorado town of Creede, nestled in the southwest region of the state. Made from aluminum, this fork is some 40 feet long and weighs four times as much as I do.

Chev and Ted Yund created the massive fork as an art display for the owner of a local bar and grill. The fork is bigger than one located in Springfield, Missouri, which previously had the distinction of being the largest fork in America.

Next time you are in the Creede neighborhood check out the gigantic fork at the Cascade Bar and Grill,981 LaGarita Avenue.

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