From the world's largest and oldest rocking chair to a water tower turned music venue, here are three super weird Colorado landmarks.

Colorado is a beautiful place with a whole lot of diverse landscapes and the landmarks are just as diverse too. Here are three super weird Colorado landmarks that are so weird, you might just need to see them for yourself.

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World's Largest + Oldest Rocking Chair

The first super weird landmark in Colorado is the world's largest and oldest rocking chair, which is in Penrose. Penrose is about 40 minutes away from Colorado Springs. It's 21 feet tall and 14 feet wide and I'm pretty sure your whole family could fit on this rocking chair.

Giant Fork in Creede

When you come to this fork in the road in Creede, you'll know exactly where to go. The Creede Fork is over 39 feet long and weighs over 600 lbs. The owner of the Mexican restaurant commissioned a local artist to create the Creede Fork and we've got to admit that this Colorado landmark -- is forking awesome.

Water Tower Turned Music Venue

The Tank Center for Sonic Arts is in Rangely. If you want to go into this water tower turned music venue/recording studio, you just have to take off your shoes. (The lack of loud sounds or dust preserves the sound quality.) The TANK is open to the public on Saturdays and is ready for you to record your next mixtape or album.

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