If you have traveled Interstate 70 on your way to Kansas, it's likely you have seen the Wonder Tower of Genoa, and the huge sign that says "See Six States."

Genoa, Colorado - some 100 miles east of Denver -would be easy to miss, especially if you are traveling at night or on a foggy, snowy morning. The population of Genoa is only146, but what grabs your attention is the big tower just outside of town.

The tower was built in 1926 and was called "The World's Wonder View Tower" featuring a Greyhound Bus Station, cafe, gas, restrooms, lodging, dancehall, and a museum of oddities. Back in the 50s, it was confirmed by the U.S. Geological Survey to be the highest point between Denver and New York City.

The tower stands 60 feet tall, and believe it or not, Ripley's says you can see landmarks in six states on a clear day. Some of us remain a bit skeptical.

But, the point is, the Wonder View Tower is a great piece of Colorado history that is in danger of going away.In 2017 it was listed on Colorado's list of Most Endangered Places.

The tower is currently closed but there have been efforts in recent years to raise funds to preserve this eastern Colorado landmark.

The next time you are traveling along the exciting I-70 thoroughfare east of Denver, be on the lookout for the Wonder View Tower.

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