In a process very different from the one described in the Bible, a Colorado company has built a 21st century Noah's ark.

Ark Encounter, a life-sized replica of the ark described in the book of Genesis recently opened in Williamstown, Kentucky but it was Colorado Timberframe, based in Lafayette, that was instrumental in its construction. The company refers to itself as the "largest and most technologically advanced timber manufacturing facility in North America."

According to the Denver Post, Colorado Timberframe employees worked 24 hours a day, six days a week, for eleven straight months cutting wood for the 550-foot long ark. Approximately 1000 people worked in the construction process with as many as 300 on-site at one time.

While the ark's design is based upon the Biblical description of Noah's ark, one big difference is that this boat won't float. This ark is a theme park that is bound to attract curious tourists from around the world.

Colorado company builds Noah's Ark
Marjorie Harris

Ark Encounter says the length of the ark is 510 feet, but according to Colorado Timberfame, it's actually just a few inches short of 550 feet - more than five football fields long.

Much of the timber for the ark came from forests in Washington, Utah, and Canada and weighs a whopping 4.2 million pounds.

A total of 180 semi-truck loads of timber were sent to Kentucky where Colorado Timberframe oversaw the construction project, which took a total of 18 months to complete. The Bible doesn't tell  us exactly how long it took Noah and his sons to build the ark, but we know for sure it was a lot longer than 18 months.

We can't help but wonder if Noah is looking down from above just wishing he would have had the expertise and manpower of Colorado Timberframe all those years ago.


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