There is a lot of debate and strong feelings on the issue of gun control in Colorado, but the fact is, we already have gun control in the state as evidenced by these four things you can't do with a gun.

You hear a lot about second amendment rights when it comes to the gun control debate but, the truth is gun control is already in place in Colorado and we should all feel safer because of it. These are simply rules put in place to help govern the use of firearms, not dramatically different from plenty of other things that are governed by specific rules be it alcohol, automobiles, or prescription drugs. Rules are a necessary part of life. Without rules we have anarchy.

While I am not advocating "gun control, " I am one person who is glad these four laws are on the Colorado books.

1) It is against the law to "knowingly and unlawfully" aim a firearm at another person

2) It is against the law to discharge a firearm "recklessly or with criminal negligence."

3) You can't set a loaded gun designed to cause an explosion upon being tripped or approached and leave it "unattended by a competent person."

4) You can't (legally) possess a firearm if you are drunk or under the influence of a controlled substance.(which includes marijuana)

I don't think anyone's rights are being threatened by a few rules intended to make gun use safer for everyone. Having rules is just part of the game.

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