There are no two ways about it - drinking and driving is a bad combination.

Regardless of the Color of Your Beer, Think and Plan Ahead

Without a doubt, there will be plenty of partying going on in Grand Junction to celebrate the St. Patrick's Day weekend. Folks are going to be having a great time. The important thing to think about is what happens after the party and how you're getting home.

Lives Needless Lost On Colorado Roads

Last year, more than 250 people lost their lives on Colorado roads due to impaired driving. Countless others were seriously injured. Those facts alone are reason enough not to drink and drive, but I'm going to give you 13,500 more reasons why drunk driving is a bad idea.

How Much Will A DUI Cost You?

Not only does drinking and driving put lives at risk - including your own -- it can end up costing you a boatload of money. According to figures provided by the Colorado State Patrol, a DUI conviction could easily cost you more than $13,500. Do you have that kind of cash just lying around? Here's how it all breaks down.

  • Increased Auto Insurance - $3,600
  • Ignition Interlock Service - $2,172
  • Alcohol/ Drug Treatment & Education - $1,000
  • Defense Attorney - $3,655
  • Arrest, Court & Legal fees - approx. $2,300
  • Department of Revenue and DMV Fees - approx. $773
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Law Enforcement Stepping Up DUI Patrols

Local law enforcement and the Colorado State Patrol will definitely be on the lookout for impaired drivers.  Last year during the St. Patrick's Day enforcement period in Colorado, there were 229 arrests for driving under the influence and those lives will never be the same. It's not worth it. If you're going to drink, don't drive. It's that simple. Make transportation arrangements before the partying begins.

When you choose to drink and drive, you put your own life at risk - and the lives of others. If that isn't reason enough not to do it, think about the more than 1,300 other reasons why drinking and driving is really a bad idea.

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