What strange things have you found when hiking the Devils Trail System in Fruita, Colorado?

Out on the trails of the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area, you'll find all kinds of interesting rock formations, an old cowboy shack along the D3 trail, and even a creepy doorway along the D4 trail.

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Where is the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area?

Head down 340 in Fruita, Colorado, and look for Kingsview Road after crossing the Colorado River. Take a right turn and follow the road back to the Devils Trail System parking area to start your adventure.

Why Is there a Doorway on the D4 Trail in the McInnis Canyons Conservation Area?

There are several interesting things hidden back on the trails of McInnis Canyon. You may find what is left of an old cowboy shed, or an interesting 'Devils Door' that we found left open along the D4 trail that eventually follows the rim to Devils Canyon itself. The doorway must have been created to use the hollowed-out space for storage or perhaps as a shelter.

Scroll Through Photos from the D4 Trail in the Devil's Trail System

The Devils Trail System is a fun place to get out and enjoy some of the best parts of the Grand Valley at no cost. It is free to visit McInnis Canyons Conservation Area. You can explore on foot, on a mountain bike, on OHV, and even on a few Jeep trails.

What's Inside this Creepy Door in Fruita Colorado's Devils Trail System?

It looks like the devil left a door open inside the Devils Trail System in Fruita, Colorado. Where did we find it and what was inside? Scroll through the photos to see what else we found along the D4 trail.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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