Do you have a favorite location to visit over in the Beehive State? There are several really neat places you can visit that will only take about 90 minutes of travel time to get between Colorado and Utah.

This week we asked you for your favorite day-trip destinations in Utah. We received so many great suggestions that we decided to put them all together in the photo gallery below so we could all explore these places together.

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Road Trips to Utah from Grand Junction, Colorado

There are so many places I want to see that are all about 90 minutes from Grand Junction on the Utah side of the state line. I got a glimpse of Moab in August of last year and can't wait to make it back. Many of the suggestions we got from you are in the Moab, Utah area making them an easy day trip well worth the drive.

Popular Destinations in Utah that Folks in Colorado Love to Visit

Some of the fantastic destinations you submitted will be featured in the photo gallery below. Today we will take a look at the following destinations that are yours to explore on your next road trip to the Beehive State.

Grand Junction's Favorite Day Trip Destinations in Utah

Let's do this. Try to ignore the price of gas and focus on seeing some of the most unique places on earth. Many are just a couple of hours away. We really enjoyed taking a closer look at these destinations. Our thanks to everyone in Grand Junction who pitched in so we could come up with a great list of day trip destinations. Y'all are the best!

Fun Day-Trip Destinations in Utah That Coloradans Actually Love

We asked you about your favorite day trips to Utah and got some great suggestions bout must-see destinations. Scroll through the fun places to visit in Utah, many of them are only about 90 minutes away.

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