It seems like you can find friendly people all over the state of Colorado, but the friendliest town in the state is in western Colorado.

According to, Lake City is Colorado's friendliest town.

One of the reasons Lake City is so friendly is because there are only 408 people in the entire town. Everybody knows everybody.

Lake City is the County Seat of Hinsdale County, which has a total population of just over 700 people, making it one of the eight smallest counties in Colorado. You will find Lake City between Ouray and Saguache.

It used to be a booming mining town, but when the mining era was over, the town began to decline. Still, there is a rich, historic heritage for Lake City, and its remaining residents are extremely proud of it.

Lake City Packer Grill
Google Street View

The tiny town has stores, restaurants, and even a movie theater and is surrounded by beautiful mountains, but is probably best known for the Alferd Packer case in the 1800s. Packer was charged with murder and cannibalism, in a case that received national attention.

It seems like a town that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime and make a stop at the Cannibal Grill and Saloon. Hopefully, Lake City lives up to its billing as Colorado's Friendliest Town.

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