You'd think with all the open space in Colorado it would be a great place to get away from the crowds. If you really want to get away from people, though, you'll need to head north.

According to InfoPlease, the best place to avoid people is Wyoming. With a population of just over 544,000 scattered over 97,000 square miles, our neighbor to the north is the least populous state in the US.

The really sad part is almost every state bordering Colorado has a smaller population.

Utah, to the west, has a mere 2.94 million people, while Kansas boasts a whopping 2.90 million residents.

Nebraska is even less with 1.88 million and New Mexico has only 2.08 million residents.

The only state bordering Colorado with more people is Arizona with 6.73 million people living in that state. According to InfoPlease, Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the US.

The good news, you could be living in California who's residents s exceed 38.8 million. No wonder the traffic is so bad there.

The other thing to consider is Colorado is larger than Wyoming at just over 104,000 square miles. While not quite enough to offset the population difference, at least it adds a little more distance between the people living here.


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