Believe it or not, Clifton, Colorado is not the most dangerous place to live on the Western Slope.

Even before moving to Western Colorado, I heard rumors about living in Clifton, but honestly, I haven't seen anything to back them up. Sorry, not sorry, but I'm about to debunk everything you THINK you know.

True or False? Clifton, Colorado is the Meth Capital of the U.S.

Sorry to break it to you, but this rumor is FALSE.

According to the most recent data from the American Addiction Centers, Phoenix, Arizona is actually the U.S. city with the highest rate of methamphetamine use.

Actually, Clifton isn't even the worst place for meth in the entire state of Colorado. That award goes to Colorado Springs with Denver close behind.

How About 32 and an 8 Ball Road in Clifton, Colorado?

This actually really cracks me up, because it has to have been before my time. When I moved here from Texas, I chose to live in Clifton because it's much cheaper than living in Grand Junction, plus I found way better amenities.

Now I actually live really close to 32 1/8 road, and I quickly learned the street's nickname. However, it's not because I witnessed the activity that allegedly takes place there, but because people in Grand Junction repeatedly referenced it.

The thing is though, that I have not seen anything scary or meth-related in my time living in Clifton. To be honest, if you think Clifton is "ghetto" then you SERIOUSLY have led a nice life because Clifton is a suburban utopia compared to the places I've lived previously.

True or False? The Crime is Worse in Clifton Than Grand Junction

Ooo, time to burst another bubble, this is actually FALSE.

According to CrimeGrade, which is used by insurance companies, home security companies, and more, Clifton, Colorado is actually SAFER than Grand Junction.

Clifton was awarded an overall CrimeGrade of C+. 

Grand Junction, however, was awarded an overall CrimeGrade of D+.

Still not convinced? Well, maybe data from the National Drug Intelligence Center will help sway you because it's not Clifton that's the home of one of the largest Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs that is responsible for the production and distribution of methamphetamine. Once again, that honor goes to Grand Junction.

Grand Junction and Clifton Safety Based on Population

You might still be holding on to the false hope that Grand Junction is safer than Clifton based on population, but unfortunately, that's once again, incorrect.

In fact, CrimeGrade states that "when considering only the crime rate, Clifton is safer than the Colorado state average and safer than the national average." Plus Clifton is just as safe compared to other cities of the same size for crime.

Sorry to disappoint, but Grand Junction is actually less safe when compared to other cities of the same size for crime. The good news is that Grand Junction is AT LEAST safer than the Colorado state average and as safe as the national average.

Once again, I haven't personally witnessed any drug activity, property theft, or violence in Clifton, but I have seen it occur in Grand Junction on several occasions.

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