Sending much-needed praises to the hardworking civil servants in Grand Junction, Colorado!

There are many ways to serve your community, but let's not forget those who get out and do so much for us here in Grand Junction every day.

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Emergency Personnel in Grand Junction, Colorado

Recently I came across different two selfless acts accomplished by the Grand Junction Police Department and the Grand Junction Fire Department.

Obviously, those who work in these departments are considered civil servants, but just because it's their job to serve the public, that doesn't mean we can't give proper due recognition.

Colorado Safety Starts with Civil Servants

As we've seen in the last week, fires can blaze out of control quickly, and leave a path of destruction in their wake.

While many were enjoying a day of much-needed rest on New Year's day, the Grand Junction Fire Department was hard at work making sure our community was taken care of.

After responding to an emergency call the Grand Junction Fire Department station 3 crew kept themselves busy by going above and beyond the call of duty.

Caught via Ring camera, you can see the crew clearing out the snow from a resident's driveway.

What can't this crew do?

It's a heartwarming reminder that even the smallest acts can make a huge difference.

Grand Junction Cops Give More Than Tickets

Just like the Grand Junction Fire Department, the Police Department also goes above and beyond the call of duty.

On January 4, the Grand Junction Police Department SWAT and hostage negotiators ran 58 miles in the 8-degree weather!

Why would they be crazy enough to do something like this? For the good of someone in need of course!

The team came together to raise $1,500 for an officer with a child battling health issues.

When asked about the donation the receiving officer stated, "You have truly demonstrated that we are a family."

Thank You Doesn't Say Enough

A million praises deserve to go out to all of those who keep our community safe and sound.

"Thank you" truly doesn't feel like enough. As we kick off this new year, be aware that there's so much work ahead for these departments. Before we forget and get caught up in our own lives, remember to thank these special people whose diligent efforts often go unnoticed.

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