Christopher Wilson, the leader of the Satan's Disciples gang in Grand Junction has been sentenced to 194 years in prison for a rash of crimes.

Wilson was indicted in 2017 for a number of crimes including racketeering, aggravated robbery, and arson and was found guilty on 18 of the 19 charges filed against him.

He was also sentenced in the murder of Caleb Fettig, 20, who was stabbed to death in 2016 as well as robbing a local restaurant at gunpoint.

Judge Flynn, who handed down the sentence felt that Wilson posed a danger to the community and felt the sentence was justified.

Family members of Fettig who were at the courthouse Monday for sentencing were happy with the outcome:

"I'm glad that he can no longer hurt this community and hurt families like ours and I think the sentencing was appropriate,” says Amy Fettig, stepmother of Caleb Fettig."

Wilson had the opportunity to speak and did so briefly. His attorney, Kristen Hindman said they would be filing an appeal in part due to a lack of a speedy trial.

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