There is a very real shortage of umpires for little league baseball in Orchard Mesa and they want to know if you could help out? Little league baseball is as American as apple pie or fireworks on the 4th of July and without umpires its pretty hard to have a quality game for the kids.

If you enjoy baseball, love working with kids and have a little free time this could be a ton of fun for you. The games take place weeknights from 5:30pm to 7pm with a few Saturday games. You don’t need a ton of training or have some killer knowledge of the rulebook.

All of the training you will need is provided in the free clinics and really most of the calls you would need to make are balls and strikes and safe or out. Calling little league baseball isn’t brain surgery no matter how it looks in the MLB.

If you could spare a little time and umpire a few games for the kids it would be a great help. Just email Micah at or give him a call at 970-200-5999.

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