George A. Crawford is a legend in the Western Slope and in all of Colorado. Here are five reasons why you should know who he is. 

  • 1

    He Is Grand Junction's Father

    George A. Crawford first saw the Grand Valley in 1881 and named the area that we all know and love, Grand Junction. His confidence in the Western Slope inspired others.

  • 2

    Inventor of the Colorado Vineyard

    The first vineyards in Colorado were planted in 1890 in Palisade by George A .Crawford. Cheers to you, George!

  • 3

    Free State Man

  • 4

    Founder and First Kansas Governor

    He founded Fort Scott, Kansas as well as two other cities in Kansas. Although the election was deemed illegal, Crawford was elected the first governor in Kansas.

  • 5

    He Is In Your Backyard

    George A. Crawford is buried in Orchard Mesa in Grand Junction. He's buried in a place he picked himself. overlooking the place that he loved.

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