A Mesa County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed a dog in Orchard Mesa in Grand Junction on Monday afternoon (July 2). The dog killed chickens and was shot for being too aggressive.

Mesa County deputies answered a call in Orchard Mesa off of 32 and E Road around 12:30 Monday afternoon, according to KKCO. They were responding to call concerning two dogs attacking chickens.

Whenever the deputies arrived on the scene, one of the dogs allegedly became aggressive toward one of them. Because of how aggressive the dog was, the deputy shot and killed it.

According to KKCO, no deputies were hurt.

Both dogs were pitbull mixes and it's unknown what will happen to other dog but it was taken by animal services. Hopefully this dog will be given another chance.

Although I feel for the chickens' owners and the several chickens that were killed themselves, my heart hurts for this dog.

It makes me sad to think it'll never have another chance. I wish they could have relocated the pup. (Or maybe even the chickens, or installed a reinforced coop.)

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