The George Crawford statue in Grand Junction is looking fresh. His statue was recently cleaned and here's the before and after pictures.

There's something different about the founder of Grand Junction, George Crawford. He looks so...fresh. His clothes seem brighter and so do his eyes and face. That's because the statue of George Crawford in Orchard Mesa was just cleaned.

Not only did George Crawford's statue get cleaned, he also got waxed. Which are vital for both humans and statues alike. You can truly see the difference it made with these before and after pictures.

Now we're not saying that you look bad by any means George Crawford. We just think you look a whole lot better now.

Thanks to the Commission on Arts & Culture for taking the time to make the founder of Grand Junction look fresh beyond death. George Crawford's grave and statue in Orchard Mesa, a place that he picked himself. He had to make sure he was overlooking the place that he founded and loved.

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