I hiked the Old Spanish Trail for the first time this past weekend and took pictures and videos of it all. We're getting real with this video. This is me hiking the Old Spanish Trail in Grand Junction with real commentary.

I started off by parking at Burkey Park and following the signs to the Old Spanish Trail. Which is an especially cool trail because it's a historical one and this hike, was a real one.

Video begins:

  • I find a rock with a heart, earth and 'Wanderlust' painted on it. I left it in its place.

Six seconds into the video:

  • I realize this hike is going to take me a long, long time. Sort of, definitely longer than I thought.

14 seconds:

  • I see some beautiful flowers but -- they're attached to cacti. I think I'll pass on picking these, I don't want to get stabbed.

23 seconds:

  • Questioning if I'm going the right way, considering there's a lot of trails. Also, I'm hot.

27 seconds:

  • Found a cool trail I thought led to the Gunnison River. It was a driveway. Walked to an overlook instead and sat down.

35 seconds:

  • I wanted to see how far I hiked so I could boast about it. Probably five miles...ish.

43 seconds:

  • I'm still sitting, steaming hot. I've got to walk back but first, let's talk a selfie.

48 seconds - 1:11:

  • Me appreciating the view, wishing I could go swimming. Also procrastinating walking back because it's hot.

1:11 - end:

  • I tried to take a shortcut on the way back. It was not one. I ended up walking twice as far instead.

Now that is real life hiking.

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