Popular Grand Junction weatherman Butch McCain may not be delivering a daily weather report, but he's still getting plenty of screen time.

Grand Junction Wondered What Was Next For Butch McCain

It seems like a lifetime ago that we were mourning the loss of weatherman Butch McCain whose 20-year run on Grand Junction television ended as a result of his employer's vaccine mandate. When it all came to an end last October, we wondered what would come next for the popular weatherman, and now we know.

As most folks know, Butch McCain has been an entertainer for most of his life with countless appearances as an actor on television and in movies, along with singing, guitar playing, and songwriting - and now in a cartoon video.

Butch McCain Becomes A Cartoon Character

The McCain Brothers, Ben and Butch, have just released a cartoon video featuring themselves singing a song they wrote called Put the Balls Back On the Bull. The song humorously chronicles the true story of when a bull statue in their hometown of Bovina, Texas was vandalized. The cartoon animation was produced by their friend Jon James with Shedd Studios in Grand Junction.

Ben told me the bull they wrote about in the song was vandalized years ago. Last year he and Butch decided to make things right and wrote a check to have welder Al Kirby restore what was taken from the statue, which celebrates the beef industry in their hometown of Bovina. Ben says the balls "have been welded and are stronger than ever."

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Put the Balls Back On the Bull

Personally, I think the cartoon video is hilarious. The McCain Brothers have plans for more cartoon projects in the future, and maybe even a family movie about the vandalization and restoration of the bull statue with the help of two Bovina graduates. You can learn more about the exploits and adventures of Ben and Butch McCain on their website. Who knows, maybe someday Butch will star in his own cartoon series about a singing weatherman.

13 Things You Didn't Know About Grand Junction Weather Man Butch McCain

Most people in Grand Junction know Butch McCain as a weatherman, but his life has certainly been much more than just giving nightly weather forecasts. From his early days to movies, music, and television here are 13 things you didn't know about Butch McCain. Keep scrolling to see the videos described below.

Grand Junction Reacts To Firing of TV Weatherman Butch McCain

Butch McCain is no longer doing the weather on KKCO, but, it is clear and obvious from the comments below that he has been very loved and appreciated in the Grand Valley over the years. The Grand Valley is reaching out with much support for Butch at this time -and much anger toward the TV station.

Incredible Outpouring of Support For Grand Junction Weatherman Butch McCain

As word spread on social media of his termination, we witnessed an incredible outpouring of support for Butch McCain. Butch has a way of delivering the weather so professionally, yet, at the same time, makes you feel like he is your best friend. That's why so many folks in the Grand Valley have loved watching him for so many years. Even if you don't know him personally, it feels like he's your friend. Here is a sample of some of the support McCain has received.

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