A restaurant in Montrose is hiring people with special needs to provide them with work experience. Buckaroos in Montrose officially opened their doors yesterday.

A brand new restaurant opened in Montrose today called Buckaroos Slices and Scoops. The restaurant is officially open as of yesterday, October 15. The restaurant offers two of the most delicious foods ever -- pizza and ice cream.

As if the pizza and ice weren't enough to reel you in, Buckaroos hires people with special needs to provide them with work experience. According to KKCO, most of their special needs employees can work two or three hour shifts for a few days a week and Buckaroos will always work with them.

According to the owner of Buckaroos, Cindy Lajoy:

We started today and I realized that two of our employees have never used a nice before. So yeah, it's a lot of basic skills that need to come into play how to use the cash register, how to make change. A lot of how to talk to people and customers in an appropriate fashion make eye contact...

Buckaroos currently has 10 special needs employees, According to KKCO, an official grand opening is coming up this Friday. One of the employees' mom's posted about Buckaroos on Facebook saying how thankful she is for Cindy and her family, and how Cindy also volunteers to work with Alzheimer's and Dementia patients.

She goes on to say how her daughter was nervous about her 'first real day' and how she's thankful for everyone who supports her. She also mentioned how proud she is of her daughter too.

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