A bald eagle was released in Steamboats Springs after recovering from lead poisoning. This is how the eagle got lead poisoning and what it took to get to this majestic moment of freedom.

I can't help but feel like I'm watching a member of royalty take flight. As his cage is opened the bald eagle turns and make his way out. The eagle's eyes seem to pierce your soul, as if its wisdom is passed directly onto you. Without any hesitation it takes a few steps and takes flight.

You can hear the bird's strength as it gains altitude within seconds. Their wings are so strong that it takes flight across the Yampa Valley, with ease, confidence and style.

This poor eagle has had a tough road to get to this majestic moment. They went through three months of treatment and rehab at Born Free Wildlife Rehabilitation in Steamboat Springs. This bald eagle is the second bald eagle found in one day with lead poisoning.

Both eagles got lead poisoning from ammunition. Although they're no longer endangered, we must protect them. The bald eagle has been a national symbol since 1782. I can only hope to see majestic bald eagles soaring across our Colorado skies, let's keep it that way.

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