Did you receive the Western Colorado Community College Spring 2020 Course Offerings flyer in the mail? After giving it a quick glance, I found five classes you should seriously consider taking.

The Spring 2020 catalog offers dozens of fascinating classes. They all look interesting. You'll find everything from stargazing to culinary arts, watercolors to wine sensory analysis, and even a number of concealed carry training courses.

I don't know about you, but the older I get, the more I want to learn things. While I'm a half-decent self-starter, it seems enrolling in a course helps to motivate me. The programs are fairly short in duration, and all seem very affordable.

What's surprising to me is the number of instructors I know. I grew up with a number of them. Others became friends during my formal education years. Jeff Dershem, a former high school acquaintance of mine, and a current Colorado Mesa University professor, offers a number of courses in the astronomy field. Joe Quesenberry, a musical friend of mine, offers classes in beginning guitar and beginning mandolin.

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For your consideration, here are five courses from the WCCC 2020 Spring catalog, chosen completely at random.

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    The Citizen's Guide to the Universe

    February 25, March 3, 10, 17, 24

    Dershem - $99

    According to the catalog, this is "The perfect class for anyone who wants to know a little bit more about the universe they occupy without all that pesky math."

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    Watercolor Sketching on the Go

    April 7, 14, 21, 28

    Farris - $89

    Students will discover how to combine two styles of art in a portable, affordable and approachable manner.

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    Wine Sensory Analysis

    February 6

    Baldwin-Eaton - $39 fee & $20 materials

    I'm seriously thinking about taking this course. I love wine, but at present, my knowledge in the area is very limited. I know of precisely two types of wine: that costing less than $5.99 a bottle, and that costing more than $5.99. My favorite vintage is the kind that costs less than $5.99. Nothing impresses your date more than sniffing the cap of a bottle of jug wine.

    According to the catalog, "In this class, students will learn about primary, secondary and tertiary aromatics, and will have the opportunity to calibrate their nose through the use of aroma vial standards.

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    Basic Music Theory: Level 1

    February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4, 11

    L. Devereux - $129

    Looking back on my education, nothing was more shocking than music theory. Most people will tell you the same thing. It can be overwhelming, and if not approached properly, very intimidating. I strongly recommend taking a theory course with a skilled instructor.

    According to the catalog, "This is the first of a four-class series that takes students through the basics of reading and notating music through composing and harmonizing a melody."


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    Colorado Concealed Carry Training

    Several different schedules offered

    NRA Certified Instructors - $80

    The WCCC catalog states, "This course fulfills the Colorado Concealed Carry training requirements for your CCW permit and includes four hours of basic pistol operation and four hours of coached shooting."

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