When I take the time to look back, I can see that 2021 has been a good year for me on many levels - and a year of firsts.

Cheers to Staying Healthy

For starters, I've managed to stay healthy as the pandemic rages on. I know many people who haven't been so lucky - and in some cases, it has cost them their life. I send out my sincere condolences to those who have lost friends, loved ones, and even pets this past year.

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A Year of Firsts

On another level, it has been a year of firsts for me - as you will see in the gallery below. None of these things are necessarily monumental, but I feel blessed to have experienced some new things in my life. When I look through this gallery I am reminded of the good times I had in 2021, the people I have met, and some of the challenges I face.

Great Events

There were hikes and concerts, community events and happenings, and personal projects that all came together to make 2021 a great year.

One of the big highlights of the year was seeing Foreigner in concert at the amphitheater. They sounded fantastic!  Meanwhile, the surprise concert of the year was the Michael Martin Murphey Cowboy Christmas. I just can't emphasize enough how good that show was.

There were the usual community and station events throughout the year like Men In Heels, the downtown car show, the Alzheimer's walk, and Christmas happenings. Each one was special in its own way.

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In Memoriam: 2021 Deaths

Remembering the musicians, actors, producers and others who have died in 2021.


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