Please remember Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 14. It only happens once a year, so don't blow it. In the event you should forget, you'll have to answer to Mr. T.

This is kind of like the "wake-up" call you get at the hotel, except it's a "pity call." Pity the poor fool who doesn't remember Mama on her special day. Should you forget Mother's Day, you pretty much get to choose from one of these three agonizing punishments:

  • Your mother's wrath
  • Mr. T stomping the snot out of you
  • Having to endure this video

If you find yourself guilty of forgetting Mom's special day, might we suggest enduring the video? Aside from your scarred psyche, it presents no long-term danger. No doubt it's better than some broken bones courtesy of Mr. T, or a lifetime of shame heartily dealt out to you by Mom.

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