Your Moab vacation home just hit the market and it is a jaw dropper. This 5 bed/3 1/2 bath home will cost you almost $3.5 million.

This house in Moab is on 6.5 acres and sits at an elevation of 4,865 feet. Since this is your vacation home, it only makes sense to have some privacy.

First things first, let's talk about the outside of your vacation home. You'll be spending hours and hours soaking in the pool and soaking in those views too. No matter where you are in this house, you've always got a gorgeous view.

Outside, there's a pool, lawn chairs, a hammock, a gazebo and lots of couches that are ready for you to lounge in. Vacation means relaxation.

Your vacation home is built around Moab's red rocks. There's literally rock all around your home, in your bathroom, in your kitchen and even under your bed. Speaking of rocks, it's no problem if you can't sleep -- because there's a rock climbing wall in your bedroom to work off your energy.

Moab House in the Rocks

There's even a place to get a vacation from your vacation. This home has a mother-in-law apartment suite, complete with lots of skylights. Or this could be where I stay when you go on vacation here. It'll just cost you $3,450,000.

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