We were on our way home from the radio station when we noticed a sign that we just couldn't ignore. Take a look at this 'you honk, we drink sign', made by college students in Grand Junction.

Whenever we were driving past this sign we thought to ourselves, wait, does that say 'you honk, we drink?' and it did. So of course, we honked, and then we asked the four Colorado Mesa Unversity students if we could take a picture.

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Jacob, Jaden, Everett, and Conner were all posted up in their front yard, sitting down in chairs with a cooler nearby and beers in their hands and on the grass. The 'you honk, we drink sign' was actually a few different signs taped together on a chair. We're assuming this was to maximize the honks, no matter what direction cars were coming from.

When I asked them what gave them the idea to post this sign they said 'it's Friday.' One of their brothers went to the University of Colorado Boulder and they saw a similar sign there, which inspired them to make their own.

All four, Jacob, Jarden, Everett, and Conner, are currently students at Colorado Mesa University. We were surprised to hear that not everyone who drove by gave them a honk.

Obviously, we gave them a honk, and technically, we gave them more than one. We gave them a honk when we first saw the sign and one honk when we left after taking a picture. We love seeing people have fun and we're happy that these college students were down to let us take their pictures and tell us more about their 'you honk, we drink' sign.

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