Other people's odd food pairings don't usually bother me, but this is one that I just can't stomach.

So you want to put cottage cheese on your apple pie. Okay. You insist on putting fruit on your pizza and in your cereal. No problem. You think pickles make a peanut butter sandwich better. Each to their own. But, if you're going to start dipping Oreos in mustard, I'm afraid this is one friendship that is in serious jeopardy.

I know most people are asking the question, where in the world did the idea of mustard and Oreos come from. It's a valid question and I'm glad you asked.

There was a crossword puzzle recently in USA Today that gave the clue "a cookie some people eat with mustard." Apparently, the only thing that would fit was the word "Oreo," and according to nytcrosswordanswers.com, "Oreo" is the correct response. Exactly who is the knucklehead who thought that was a good idea?

Well, the story doesn't end there. Some dude who was doing the crossword puzzle thought mustard on Oreos must be a thing and actually tried it. He shared his experience on Twitter and to no one's surprise he found the combination to be "wretched."

I'm a pretty adventurous guy, considering the fact that I'm an extremely picky eater. But even I would not attempt something as crazy as putting mustard and Oreos together. I might be missing out on something totally amazing and spectacular, but I'm willing to take my chances on that. But would you?? Isn't it just possible that a splash of golden mustard on a chocolate wafer along with the white creme filling is the taste sensation of a lifetime you've been waiting for? You'll never know until you try it. On second thought, maybe I will give it a shot.

As for the creator of the crossword puzzle and that preposterous clue, what in the world were you thinking?

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