Sunday night (Nov. 5), 19-year-old Joseph Saur and 28-year-old Patience Stewart were hanging out in Patience's camper. During the late hours of the night in Olathe, things went awry.

Joseph was clearly under the influence of some kind of drug, according to Montrose Press. This is what Joseph allegedly said to Chief George Jackson about his father and Patience:

“had a sex change and is now Patience Rian Stewart. … Joseph stated he acted in self-defense by shooting his father, (who) he explained had done bad things. … Joseph said his father went to a sex change operation to become a female. Joseph said his father became a female to hide his identity to keep from being caught.”

Joseph said that Stewart starting dropping hints that she was his dad, although he didn't specify what the hints were, according to Monstrose Press.

Joseph felt threatened by Patience and thought she was reaching for her gun, so he allegedly grabbed his gun first and shot her, according to KKCO. He shot her multiple times in the face and killed her. Joseph claims it was self-defense.

Joseph is held on suspicion of first-degree murder and is being held without bail in the Montrose County Jail. He is set for an advisement Wednesday, according to Montrose Press. His arrest also includes information about a call to 911 that Joseph might have made before he shot her.

**EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been updated to include new information, and correct some of the misspoken terms previously used.

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