The case of the murder of Kelsie Schelling has been plaguing Coloradans with questions since 2013 and now that her former boyfriend has been charged with the crime, a new twist has come about in the case.

A witness in the case, Roxann Martinez, was killed in a reportedly unrelated incident in Denver, Colorado on Thursday, February 25th, 2021 at around 11 p.m.

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The details surrounding the murder of Martinez are, for the most part, unknown, although authorities are saying that it is unrelated to the case of Schelling's murder in which Martinez was called to be a witness.

Martinez was allegedly shot and killed at the intersection of East Kenyon Drive and South Wabash Street around 11 p.m. on February 25th.

The murder of Kelsie Shelling occurred back in February of 2013 and the victim's family members and members of the community have been seeking answers ever since her disappearance.

The murder is believed to have happened in Pueblo, Colorado, as Shelling was traveling from Denver to Pueblo to see her boyfriend at the time, Donthe Lucas, following a phone call where she told Lucas that she was pregnant with his child.

Lucas was named a suspect in the disappearance and murder years ago, but a lack of evidence prevented him from being charged for the crime. However, Lucas is now in police custody and facing charges for the murder of Shelling and their unborn child.

Lucas has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charges against him but remains in custody awaiting trial.

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