A man was caught on camera at a Colorado restaurant stealing a donation bucket that was meant for a six-year-old boy whose father had recently passed away.

The incident took place last Friday, March 5th at a Chili Shack restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado, where a man believed to be in his 50s ordered lunch, which he did not end up paying for, and also walked away with the donation bucket.

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The bucket was put into the restaurant in order to raise money for the grieving six-year-old, who had lost his father roughly a week prior, and there was only believed to be somewhere around $200 to $300 in the jar at the time that it was taken.

What makes matters worse, is that the man was seen leaving the scene in a newer model Toyota Tacoma, suggesting that he wasn't hard up for money in the first place.

A friend of the family of the six-year-old and the deceased that put out the jar in the first place, Leonardo Pina, had this to say about the incident:

What shocked me was I see this man, he’s an elderly gentleman, he looks very well-groomed and taken care of. He literally turned around and grabbed the bucket and walked away with it. It was a total shock he would just steal that. On the side of the thing, it said for a person that passed away. You didn’t take from us. You didn’t take from this restaurant. You took from a child that probably needed the money more.

Police are asking for help locating the blue Toyota Tacoma with Utah plates and are accepting donations on a newly established GoFundMe page.


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