I'd like to start off this article by saying that I am a huge animal lover, and especially a huge fan of dogs, and if you're like me, this might be tough to read.

A man has been arrested in connection with a horrible incident that occurred earlier this month in which a dog was seen being dragged behind a truck by its leash and eventually succumbed to the resulting injuries and passed away.

The incident occurred in the Denver area on March 1st, 2021, where Jacob Raffit Ibarra allegedly drove his truck with a dog dangling from its leash from the truck until roughly 3 p.m. at which point he left the dog for dead and fled the scene.

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Onlookers tried to stop Ibarra, thinking that it was an accident, and then tried to care for the dog after it was let go but their efforts would, unfortunately, prove to be unsuccessful.

The description of the vehicle was given to police but because it had paper license plates, it was difficult to track down for a couple of weeks. However, authorities did end up finding Ibarra's truck with no plates and a new, spray-painted black finish at his home and swiftly took him into custody.

Ibarra has since been taken into jail by Denver Police and as of now, have no leads as to why the horrible incident occurred in the first place.

The incident has, understandably, caused outrage among Coloradans and animal lovers alike. However, now that the suspect is in jail, perhaps we can soon find out what motivated this horrible crime.



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