A Colorado man has been convicted of first-degree murder after killing his grandma. Police were doing a welfare check when they sadly found the 75-year-old unresponsive.

On December 9, 2019, Westminister Police Officers were doing a welfare check on 75-year-old Linda Shomberg because her daughter hadn't heard from her in a few days.

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They knocked on the door of Linda's apartment at the East Bay Senior Housing complex and got no answer. The door was unlocked and they called out to Linda and searched the apartment when they found something devastating.

According to The Denver Channel, a bedroom door was open and they sadly found Linda unresponsive in a pool of blood on the floor. Although she was breathing hard, she was not responsive. Linda was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead, and according to The Denver Channel, the 75-year-old had multiple face fractures and her brain was bleeding.

Police saw blood on the bedroom wall, the bedspread, and a shoe cabinet in the apartment. Westminister Police Officers also noted that pills from Linda's pillbox were missing.

The last time Linda's family talked to her was on December 5, 2019. Linda's grandson, John Power Senson, was staying with her during this time. Linda's daughter said the family was afraid of him and that he was on parole for burglary and is homeless. According to The Denver Channel, Linda's daughter also described him as a meth user.

Linda's daughter felt like John Power Swenson did something to her mom, which is what she told officers when they said Linda was being taken to a hospital.

John Power Swenson has now been found guilty in the killing of his grandma and has been convicted of first-degree murder.


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