If you need a suggestion on how to spend your $1 billion plus when you win the Powerball jackpot,  here's one. Buy the Playboy Mansion!

According to TMZ, Playboy is putting the famed mansion up for sale with a price tag of somewhere around $200 million. If that's the case, you could buy the mansion and have plenty of cash leftover to entertain all of your friends and family.

The property is six acres, and prospective buyers are allowed to tour the dwelling, but nobody is allowed to see Hugh Hefner's bedroom.

The 22-room mansion features a built-in pipe organ, game room, tennis/basketball court, a basement gym, and an outdoor kitchen.

Playboy's 2015 Playmate Of The Year Announcement Ceremony At The Playboy Mansion
Getty Images for Playboy

Apparently, those with real estate knowledge think the asking price is way too high, and you might even be able to snag the historic mansion for under $100 million.

Oh, there is one catch, though. You have to agree to allow Hefner to stay there until he dies. This should not be a deterrent considering the fact that he turns 90 in April.

Wednesday's Powerball jackpot is expected to be at least $1.3 billion, so buying the Playboy mansion would take just a small chunk our of your winnings.

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