An emergency roundup of wild horses in western Colorado gets underway this week because there are too many horses and not enough water.

Herd of Wild Mustangs is Too Big

The Sand Wash Basin, located in the northwest corner of Colorado is currently home to about 900 wild horses. The Bureau of Land Management believes the current drought has greatly reduced the availability of food and water in the area, creating a life-threatening situation for the horses.

According to 9 News, Colorado Governor Jared Polis made a last-minute appeal this week to postpone the operation for six months so that more humane options to control the herd can be considered. The roundup of wild horses was scheduled to begin Wednesday.

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What Happens To The Horses?

The goal of the roundup is to remove more than 700 horses from the area, and then return about 50 of them after 25 mares are treated with fertility control. The rest of the mustangs will be put for adoption and sale - which raises concerns the horses will end up being sold illegally for slaughter. An investigation has been requested to look into how many of the wild horses end up going to slaughterhouses.

The BLM believes the basin can support between 163 and 362 horses and says the size of the herd is a threat, not only to the herd itself but other wildlife in the region as well due to limited resources.

Despite the governor's appeal for a delay of the roundup, it appears the gathering of wild mustangs will go on as planned in the 250-square mile Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area.

Take a look at some of the beautiful horses living in the Sand Wash Basin.

Amazing Pictures of Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin in Colorado

Look at these amazing pictures of the wild horses of Sand Wash Basin in Colorado. There are 900 horses that live on the 160,000 acres of the Sand Wash Basin.


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