If you have been in downtown Grand Junction recently,  you may be wondering why there are funky looking pianos sitting on the sidewalk.

These cool pianos are part of the "Street Beats" program in downtown Grand Junction.

The pianos have been colorfully painted by three local artists including Ethan Dow, Donna Fullerton, and Krizia Rodriguez. These instruments do not look like typical pianos, but they sure sound like them.

The pianos came to downtown Grand Junction by way of donation from the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra and will be downtown into October, depending on the weather. Each piano has been adopted by a downtown business to make sure they stay safe, clean, and protected from rain.

I have heard of similar programs across the country and this is the second year downtown Grand Junction has hosted pianos. This is a very cool idea!

If you're walking down Main Street you are likely to hear anything from Chopsticks to Mary Had A Little Lamb, and often times some very beautiful music from someone who truly knows how to play.

If you have some musical ability, perhaps it's laid dormant for years because you don't have a piano, take a seat at one of the pianos and favor us with a musical selection next time you are in downtown Grand Junction.

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