When you're craving french fries, where's the best place to go in Grand Junction? The question may seem trivial, but it really isn't. Some people will drive across the valley to get a good batch of fries. Where would you recommend they go?

According to the Washington Post, if you measure the total pounds per capita, potatoes constitute 30% of the vegetables consumed by Americans. The next closest vegetable, tomatoes, come in at 22%. Americans love their potatoes, and they really love their fries.

If one were to travel back in time, they might say Prime Cut Meat Market, or its predecessor, Sirloin Stockade, had the best fries. Why? There was no question they were 100% real potatoes. How could you tell? Well, in the first place, they were long, greasy chunks of potato, most with the skins still on them.

Then again, some people will settle for nothing less than McDonald's fries. Some of these people won't touch other menu items from McDonald's. They could care less about a Big Mac. They crave the fries, though.

The new restaurant in town, Warehouse 2565, serves fries in a wire basket. They're pretty awesome. Kind of thin, crunchy, and delicious.

Red Robin has great fries, and tons of them, too. No sooner than you finish your basket, along comes a person to replenish your supply. You can order them with or without salt. You can even enjoy Red Robin's special seasoning. Keep in mind, a little of that stuff goes a long way.

Which restaurant, whether it be local or chain, offers Grand Junction's best fries? Cast your vote. If you don't see your choice, write it in, and it will added to the list.