If you've ever wondered about the best time to send out Christmas cards, knowing the most popular time to send cards should help you know when the time is right.

According to an AYTM Holiday Card Survey, these are the weeks in December people who send out Christmas cards put them in the mail.

  • 24% send their holiday cards the first week of December
  • 38.3% send out their cards the second week of December
  • 2.7% wait until the third week of December
  • 3.3% send them right before Christmas
  • 4.4% get an early start and send them out before December 1st

It's worth noting 27.3% don't have a specific time they send cards, saying it varies from year to year.

The survey also found over 50% of people don't send holiday cards at all and of those who do, over 90% use regular (snail) mail.