We know we are getting closer by the day, but when can Grand Junction expect to have it's first hard freeze of the season?

The month of October brings lots of changes. Leaves continue to change color and fall off the trees, temperatures become noticeably cooler, we get more rain, and we typically see the first frost of the fall season.

While neighborhood gardeners may be reaping their last few fresh tomatoes of the season, folks with flowers and outdoor plants are especially interested in knowing when frost is going to occur. We have to keep the "frost off the pumpkins."

According to the National Weather Service, on average, October 22 is the day when Grand Junction sees its first freezing temperatures, and around November 1 is when we typically expect to see the first hard frost.

It's interesting how those dated differ in surrounding communities.

In Fruita, the average time for the first frost is October 3 and the first hard freeze around October 14. For Palisade the dates are much later - October 25 for the first frost and November 9 for the first hard freeze.

Plenty of factors go into determining exactly when these dates are going to occur. However, based on historical records, we can surmise when we are getting close - and the fact is we are closer than we have ever been.

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