If you are looking for love in Grand Junction,  you may be the subject of a recent "Missed Connections" posting on Craigslist.

It may just be a glance, a smile, or an exchange of looks across the produce section at the grocery store while you peruse the the avocados, you never know when someone might be looking for love.

"Missed Connections" gives people the chance to try and connect with someone on line that perhaps they were too shy, or maybe just never got the chance to talk in person. Who knows if these things ever lead to a connection, let alone real love.

But, if you are single,  you never know where love might come from. So take a look a look at these recent Craigslist postings and maybe you will be in one of them- especially if you have been to Walmart recently.

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  • 1

    Small Lil' Blonde N' Wal-Mart - m4w (North Ave Wal-Mart)

    I seen you glance at me a few times like so many woman did today at Wal-Mart. I was the tall , handsome man with wild hair! You are a short little blonde pushing your daughter in the cart. You were wearing too much bronzer and dark mascara and eye liner....

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    Rimrock Wal-Mart - m4w (Parking lot)

    Our eyes met, we smiled at each other, you are a beautiful brunette and was wearing a red zippered sweater and you have a tattoo on the back of your neck. I have salt and pepper hair and was wearing a white long-sleeve T-shirt..

  • 3

    Red head OM city market - m4w

    I thought you were cute, I think you were checking me out LOL, I was doing the same but I was in a hurry unfortunately...

  • 4

    Golden Corral - m4w (GJ)

    You came into the Golden Corral and sat in the same section as me tonight, We made eye contact again as I was leaving while you were still eating. I was wearing a dark grey short sleeve polo style shirt. In the rare chance you read this if you are single and remember me please respond. I would love to get to know yo

  • 5

    Biked right on by you. - m4w (Near Rimrock)

    I was biking home from the gym on a gorgeous Thursday evening and passed you by near the Red Robin....you were pretty..... I should have stopped and said hello!

  • 6

    You helped at Walmart - m4w (Walmart)

    Hey. You helped a lady on the cart load her purchase. I cleaned up a broken bottle. You are very petite. .....I want to be with you.

  • 7

    Um, hello!!! - w4m (Clifton)

    Long shot but worth it....you went to the produce first and then around the store.... You bought a 12 pack of Dr Pepper....message me what I was buying a ton of if you remember... Or just anything specific to me... I'm unique....

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