I just lived through some of the most alarming moments of my life - well, at least the last three weeks, and I've had to ask this question, after attempting to eat a little breakfast.

So, I'm having my morning oatmeal - and a special treat today --a  maple frosted cake donut - which I grabbed from the break room and promptly placed in the bowl with my dry oatmeal.

I'm sitting here, eating my donut and my oatmeal, when all of a sudden I notice in my oatmeal, these small dark-colored elongated objects --which certainly did not belong in a bowl of oatmeal. What the - ?

(Zane Mathews)

I began to panic and freak out. Apparently a mouse has been living in my oatmeal, or at least has been where my oatmeal has been.

What am I going to do? What should I do? Eating mouse droppings -- or anything that has touched them can't  be good for you! Do I return the oatmeal to the store?

Do I file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the store and the manufacturer? Should I be preparing my last will and testament? Am I going to get sick and die?

After going through the entire canister and finding no more of the questionable objects, I begin to wonder where these little turds could have come from.

Maybe they were in the box with the donuts. So, I rushed back to the break room to inspect the donut box. Immediately I found the culprit.

(Zane Mathews)

With a HUGE sigh of relief I retreated back to the studio, where my bowl of oatmeal sits - with the CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES sitting there laughing at me and my dismay.

Apparently, the sprinkles were stuck to the bottom of my donut and when I placed the donut in my bowl, they fell into the oatmeal.

I can't bring myself to finish off the oatmeal. What if it's just a gigantic coincidence that there was a chocolate sprinkle donut next to the one I took, and maybe a mouse really has been living in my oatmeal?