First of all, we're not having an identity crisis. But for a variety of reasons, we are unsure what to refer to ourselves as, when people ask that age-old question: "What do YOU do?"

Back in the day, we referred to ourselves as DJs. You know, Disc Jockeys. But we don't play discs anymore. Heck, we don't even play CDs anymore. So in that regard, I'm not sure it fits.

But wait, there's more.

Due to the fact we are now in the computer age, everything is digital. So, in THAT sense, we COULD call ourselves DJs. Confused yet? Just wait.

Within the "industry" we are referred to "on air personalities". But for me, OAP  just doesn't sound right.

Questioner: "Hey, what do you do?"

Me: "I'm an OAP". See? Even referring to yourselves by the letters leaves a lot to be desired. OAP? Nah.

DJ can actually still work, as we are now in the digital age and Digital Jockeys could be acceptable, although the jockey term still bugs me.

Likewise VJs. Voice Jockey. I can see the logic behind this one, but then, I can also see why some people drink decaffeinated coffee.

Radio Personalities is more an industry term because we have them believing we actually have one.

My favorite, as told to be by countless listeners, asking about something that was said on the air, goes like this:

"What was it that one dude said?"

Or this one, if the announcer was female;

"Who's that one dudette who is always saying something funny?"

So there's your final choice, Dude. Or Dudette.

So you see my problem? We aren't sure what to call ourselves, so take the poll, or write in your own, clean suggestion and let's see what we should start referring to ourselves as.

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