May Day is celebrated in different ways around the world, but it seems the May Day tradition in the United States has gone away.

In Great Britain, May Day celebrations include Morris Dancing, maypoles, and the crowning of a May Queen.Some people in Germany and Ireland celebrate May Day with bonfires, while in Bulgaria the holiday is associated with snakes and lizards.

As a child, I remember doing the May Day tradition of making up a small May Basket filled with goodies, setting on the door step of a friends, ringing the doorbell and running. If caught, a kiss is supposed to be exchanged.

I was six years old when I dropped off a May Basket at the home of Robin Ruhaak in Akron, Colorado. She was my kindergarten crush - and a pretty good runner, too, because I remember she caught me by the jacket - a gold/rust colored jacket. Although I was crazy about her, I fought like a tiger to get away so she wouldn't kiss me. Finally, she let go, and I was released without a kiss. And, the fact is I did May baskets for some of my guy friends as well - minus the possibility of kissing.

Does anyone else remember doing May Baskets as a kid? Do kids still do this today? I never hear about it, so I am left to assume this is a tradition that has died and gone away, and if that's the case, when did it happen?