What do you do when, despite paying your bills on time every time you find yourself homeless?

This is a question I am asking myself right now. Due to circumstances not under my control, I am, for all intents and purposes, homeless. And that's the exact question I asked.

What do I do?

First, don't panic. There are resources available in the Grand Valley to help you. All it takes is a little time and answering a few honest questions.

Homelessness, as we know, is a real issue and problem in many cities and towns. For some, the issue of homelessness is one they would rather not discuss. For others, it's a point of pride to help others get back on their feet and avoid long-term homelessness issues. Here are a few things you can do to help get you started.

This is a marvelous resource for rentals in the Grand Junction area. This guide is distributed every week to over 45 businesses in the community. The list is put together by property managers, homeowners, and several realtors to inform you of where there are rentals in your price range. It's a real go-to resource.

Homeward Bound operates the homeless shelter in Grand Junction with kindness and compassion, helping singles as well as families with a place to sleep and a hot meal. If you also need to find work, they will have several options to help you in your search.

Nothing, to me, is worse than a veteran who has proudly served his or her country ending up homeless. Fortunately, the Veterans Administration has programs available for vets who are homeless. Housing solutions, health care and job listings and opportunities are just some of the things they can help a vet with. If you are a veteran or know a veteran who is homeless, contact the V.A.

Hopefully, you have family or friends who can help you short term, as I do. My son and his family have graciously opened their home to me until I can find something for my dog, Jazz, and I.

Don't give up. Get in touch with the people who have the resources and good luck!

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