What do kids really want for Christmas is a question that many parents are asking. Of course, the best source of information on this is the kids themselves. So, who has the inside track on this information?

The fact is, I happen to be a friend of Santa Claus and recently had a conversation with him about this very thing. He was at the annual tree lighting in downtown Grand Junction last month and had a chance to visit with many boys and girls about what they want for Christmas.

When we were all done with the event, before climbing back into his sleigh, I boldly asked the red-suited St. Nick what it was the children were telling him they wanted for Christmas. Some of the answers were not surprising, while others were nothing short of heartbreaking.

Clearly, the  most requested toy for girls was a Monster High doll, made by Mattel. For the boys, it was X-Box 360, and various sports equipment - mostly footballs and basketballs.

But, requests made that Santa couldn't pull out of a bag.One child told Santa she wanted her dad back. He had died.Another child just wanted his family. I think I saw a tear in Santa's eye.

Children can be brutally honest and transparent. And it serves to remind us that Christmas isn't all about getting gifts and toys. There's a bigger picture. If you can't give your kids all the things they want for Christmas, don't feel bad. On the contrary, it's a great opportunity to teach children the true meaning of Christmas and about being thankful for small things. Disappointing your children might not be the worst thing that could happen to you this Christmas.


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