Most people think the Grand Mesa is spectacular and listeners have responded to recent comments about  the Grand Mesa being overrated.

A few weeks ago we reported some less than favorable comments about the Grand Mesa that appeared on Trip Advisor. While most of the Grand Mesa reviews were positive, this handful of negative comments sparked a response

We put the question straight to our listeners -- is the Grand Mesa overrated? At last count, 71% said no and 21% said yes, with a few with other feelings.

Some left comments for us.

  • "Beautiful year around"
  • "I love up on the Grand Mesa and it is not only grand it is heaven."
  • "I appreciate the beauty of it, and am grateful to live in such a beautiful area"
  • "These three (probably millennial) slackers need to get out of their cars!!"

That last comment refers to the people who left negative comments about the Grand Mesa. It's true. They probably do need to get our of their cars -- and get off the main road and do some exploring.

The people of Western Colorado have spoken. They love their Grand Mesa! If you didn't get a chance to express your thoughts on the Grand Mesa, please vote below.